Recording Documents

Recording Fee

The fee to record most documents is $26 plus any excise tax (for deeds, easements, etc.), if owed. The $26 fee covers:

  • Assumed name certificates
  • Deeds
  • Easements
  • Powers of attorney
  • Separation agreements
There are additional fees for non-standard documents or documents longer than 15 pages (35 pages for deeds of trust). 

Fee for Deeds of Trust

Deeds of Trust are $64 for the first 35 pages. Every subsequent page over the 35 page limit is $4 per page. There is no fee for recording a Certificate of Satisfaction that discharges a Deed of Trust. 

More Fees

Please visit our fee page for a more detailed schedule of recording fees.

Tax Certification

Iredell County does not require Tax Certification from the Tax Collector before recording deeds.

Submitting Documents

Documents can be submitted for recording in several ways.

  • We accept documents over the counter at either our Statesville or Mooresville office. Documents are recorded immediately and given back to the submitter.
  • Documents can be sent by mail/FedEx/UPS to our office along with payment.
  • We can accept documents electronically. Submitters must complete a Provider Memorandum of Understanding.


The Iredell County Register of Deeds office accepts electronically submitted documents for recording. If you are interested in submitting real estate documents electronically to the Register of Deeds, you will first need to contact 1 of the following vendors:

Once you've chosen your vendor, you will complete the following steps:
  1. Your vendor will assist you in setting up an account and handling funds.
  2. You will then obtain a provider Memorandum of Understanding that will need to be signed and faxed to us.
  3. After you have faxed this document to our office, you will then be assigned an account number with Iredell County as an eRecording submitter.
  4. You may begin eRecording immediately after establishing your account number.
Legal Assistance
By North Carolina law (PDF), our office can not advise, prepare, assist with the preparation of legal documents or give opinions as to their meaning. We apologize in advance. NCGS § 47-14 and NCGS § 161-14 describe most of the requirements for documents to be eligible for recording.

More Information
If you have any questions about the eRecording process or other recording methods, feel free to call our office any time during business hours at 704-872-7468.