Doing Business with the County

Iredell County uses a decentralized style of procurement system. Subject to certain range restrictions, Departments are authorized to make their own purchases under the guidance and oversight of the Purchasing Division. Therefore, qualified vendors and sales representatives are able to contact departments directly for sales visits. Appointments should always be made in advance with a department representative. No walk-in sales visits should be made.

Qualified vendors may also call Purchasing, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Appointments should be made in advance and walk-ins are discouraged.

Salespersons Should Always Follow Good Sale Etiquette

  • Call in advance to make an appointment, stating clearly that it is to be a sales visit, and giving a brief description of the product or service offered.
  • Prior to the meeting, print and complete a Vendor Application (PDF) or update vendor contact information as needed.
  • Have a brief presentation prepared for the meeting to explain the essential features of the product or service and be prepared to leave completed Vendor Application (PDF) and any reference information.
  • Conduct yourself in a courteous, professional manner. Complaints from departments can result in a vendor being barred from department visits.

Sales Representatives Can Expect

  • All procurement activities will be conducted according to North Carolina General Statues and County Code.
  • All purchasing activities will be conducted in such a manner as to develop and maintain good public, vendor and internal relationships.
  • Fair and open competition by legitimate and ethical means will be encouraged.
  • The Division’s integrity will be maintained at all times by keeping free from any personal obligations to vendors, and respecting their confidence.
  • Nurturing and maintaining respect for the Division's authority at all times, not using it for private advantage or gain.
  • To follow and promote strong, professional ethics by maintaining a professional relationship with vendors

Miscellaneous Iredell County Requirements

  • A purchase order is required for all purchases and service contracts valued at $1,000 and above for all county departments and elected officials.
  • The county will not be bound by any commitment not properly purchased, contracted or encumbered. A signed Iredell County purchase order will normally be issued as evidence of an encumbrance.
  • Contracts not signed by an appropriately authorized county representative at that person’s authorization level are void and of no effect.
  • Contracts not bearing the County Finance Director’s Pre-audit stamp or signed statement are void and of no effect.
  • Purchases of equipment, supplies, materials or services valued at $90,000 and above and all construction and renovation, are conducted by the Purchasing and Contracts Manager through a formal bid process.
  • Formal procurement requires written specifications, legal advertisement, sealed bids and all other requirements as set forth by North Carolina General Statute. Bid, performance and payment bonds are required in some situations. Once opened, formal bids are available for public inspection.
  • Informal bids will be taken for purchases less than $90,000. All informal bids are kept confidential until a bid award has been made.
  • Iredell County reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids and will not be bound by any statement to the contrary.
  • Additional information applies to all bids and proposals and is posted in all bid or proposal documents released. It is the bidder’s sole responsibility to become familiar with all provisions and requirements contained in any particular solicitation.

Minimum Insurance Requirements

Iredell County requires that all vendors and contractors acquire the minimum insurance levels before being able to perform any work on county-owned property. The work of vendors not possessing the minimum levels of insurance will be immediately suspended for a short period, during which the vendor or contractor must produce valid certificates showing compliance. Vendors/Contractors who do not correct this deficiency by the end of the suspension period will be terminated, work awarded to another vendor/contractor, and proceeding initiated for holding the delinquent vendor/contractor responsible for any cost occasioned thereby.


It is Iredell County policy that no contract will be awarded to a contractor or vendor that is delinquent in paying Iredell County property taxes.