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How can a father’s info be added to a birth certificate?

Paternity can be established in two ways – voluntarily or by court action. To voluntarily add a father’s name to a Birth Certificate, both the Mother and Father complete a form known as an Affidavit of Parentage at the Clerk of Court’s office (704-832-6600). Once completed, the document is then submitted to the State Department of Vital Records to amend the Birth Certificate. If there are any doubts about who is the father of the child, neither party should sign an Affidavit of Parentage.

In a court action, a court of law establishes the paternity of the child. Our office cannot assist you with filing a court action to determine paternity. You may want to consult with a licensed attorney.

Can I obtain a copy of a birth certificate from your office? The Iredell Register Deeds office maintains birth certificates for births that occurred in Iredell County only. The NC Department of Vital records maintains birth records for all births that occurred in the State of NC. If you were born in Iredell County, and were not adopted, you can obtain a birth certificate from either our Mooresville or Statesville office. Certificates from our office can be purchased over the counter, or by mail, fax, email or online. The Iredell County Register of Deeds has access to birth certificates in the statewide vital records database (all 100 counties) for persons born after 1971 and who are not adopted. The fee for an out-of-county birth certificate is $24. This service is available only in our Statesville location. If you do not fit the criteria previously mentioned, you can order a certificate from another county. You will need to contact the Register of Deeds of that county or the NC Department of Vital Records.

I lost my ID. How can I get a Birth Certificate?
You may have your current spouse, parent/step parent, child/step child, grandparent, sister/brother or an authorized agent, attorney or legal representative obtain it for you. They are required to have a valid photo I.D. (i.e. – driver’s license or I.D. card issued by the DMV, or a valid passport). Forms may be obtained in our offices or from the Forms & Applications link on our website.

You may also go to the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles website to obtain a duplicate driver’s license without obtaining a birth certificate. This will save you $10.

I was born in Iredell county, but I was adopted. How can I obtain my birth certificate? Your birth record is in Raleigh. You may obtain an order form from the NC Department of Vital Records @