Volunteer Information

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Get Involved

You can make a difference in the life of a homeless animal by becoming a volunteer at the Iredell County Animal Services Department. We consistently need volunteer assistance!

Whether you walk dogs, wash blankets or assist with a fundraising event, you can help make a difference in the lives of animals in your own community. 

Application Process

In order to volunteer with Iredell County Animal Services and Control, you must be at least 14 years of age and complete a drug test. Background checks may also be conducted on all applicants.  Volunteers 16 years of age and under must have a parent or guardian present.

To volunteer, click here to read a description of the volunteer position and fill out a volunteer application.

​Job Shadow Program

If you are interested in shadowing, you should have the following successfully completed and provided to Iredell County Human Resources prior to completing the shadowing opportunity:
  • Anyone 16 years old and over shall complete a drug screen and background check.
  • Anyone 14 or 15 years old shall complete a drug screen only.
  • Consent form for background check and drug screen must be authorized by the signature of the parent/guardian.*
*If the shadowing experience is to fulfill a school class/curriculum requirement, the school should provide a letter stating the above screening requirements have been successfully completed within the current school year.

*If the shadowing experience is not to fulfill a school class/curriculum requirement, the above screening requirements should be completed by the shadower and should be current within three (3) months of the start date.

For more information regarding application requirements or other questions about our volunteer program, email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@co.iredell.nc.us .

Current Volunteers

Visit the Shift Scheduling for Authorized Volunteers page to access the volunteer center.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Be part of the solution: You’ll become part of the network of people working to make the world safe and more humane for all living creatures. You’ll help make the jobs of everyone working for animals a little easier by lending a hand and helping to spread the word of responsible pet ownership and animal protection.
  • Get a warm fuzzy feeling: You’ll be rewarded for your efforts by the grateful kisses and snuggles from an animal you’ve helped comfort.
  • Keep good company: You’ll make new friends and we don’t mean just the 4-legged ones. Working with people who share similar interests can forge lifelong friendships.
  • Discover a new you: You may discover skills you never knew you had and you will be surprised to find how much you are capable of achieving.
  • A new career? It’s possible: You may want to explore animal related careers.
  • Enjoy the wagging tails, purrs and smiles: After all, the best things in life are free!